Gold Price Analysis For 2017-18

Gold is in a bearish trend since few years and made a bottom below 1100 level in 2016.

It was moving in a descending channel making lower high and lower low formation. After breaking the resistance of descending channel gold start its bullish move from 1201-03 towards 1377 level which is also the high price of last year.

The yellow metal fails to give more bearish move and trading in a range between 1201 to 1300 level in 2017.

The big moves and the market makers are waiting to break the barrier of 1300 level to jump in the longer term bullish move towards minimum 1445 area.This move may confirm after the break of 1300 level in a weekly time frame chart in gold.

Gold is forming a symmetric triangle in a weekly chart which is indicating a confusion between buyer and sellers. I am sharing the weekly chart below to give proper view how the metal is moving in a range and what is the main expectations using

Gold Technical Analysis

Weekly Gold Price Chart

If we look at the Gold Price Predictions on the above chart. It seems gold is at a resistance level of the symmetric chart and possibly a reversal point which is also the watching area for selling to jump in.

Current gold price is around 1269-70 and we are expecting it may reverse back to towards the support level of trend and could bounce from the support for the longer term bullish target 1445-50 zone. The movement above 1300 level will give confidence to this longer term gold target.

However if gold fails to bounce from the support and break the phycological support level which is around 1180-88 level then it will be the indication of more bearish move towards 1050 level but the chances are low.

I am also sharing the gold alternative chart below.

Gold Alternate Price Chart

5 Reasons Why Investing in Debt Funds Will Provide You Security

In India, there is a myriad of investing options for an investor. Be it a gold investment or equity, investors today are trying their hands at everything available. However, one option that has been consistently beneficial from a long time is a debt fund. Here are five reasons why investing in these funds is the safest option.

Over the past few years, investors have got more benefits from investing in debt fund than they would have got from any other option. Moreover, even the pundits of the market recommend Debt Mutual Funds to all those investors who don’t carry a risk-appetite.

Whether you have just started with your investment journey or are already an ace investor, investing in these funds will surely offer you long-term security. How? Read ahead and know more about it.

  1. Different Choices:

Mutual funds provide a handful option of Debt Mutual Funds that come with various investment goals, tenures, and portfolio composition. Based on the portfolio composition and tenure, these funds are classified into two options: short-term and long-term. Hence, you have a lot of choices in front of you for risk-free investments.

  1. No Load On Exit:

While in FDs, you might have to pay penalties or exit fees while closing the deposit; however, with debt fund, the scenario is completely reverse. Here, there is no concept of exit load or penalty. Moreover, even if you are investing some of the short- term Debt Funds for a week, nothing hampers your interest rate, which isn’t possible in fixed deposits.

  1. Invest as Per Your Choice:

If you are unaware of your future and want to park your surplus cash without anticipating the time-period, these funds are the ideal choice for you. They not only offer better returns as compared to Fixed Deposits but don’t even bother you to specify the time-period. Hence, you can invest in them and can withdraw as per your convenience.

  1. Lower Tax:

Another reason why these funds are a safe option is that of their lower tax deduction in the longer-run. In these funds, your long-term gains will be considered as capital gains and will be taxed accordingly. For instance: For the first three years, the tax deducted would be at your income tax level. And, after three years, tax deductible will be 20% and that too, only for the indexation benefits.

  1. No TDS:

While you invest your money in other investment options, such as FD with the bank, you have to pay TDS (Tax deducted at source) every year, irrespective of the maturity period of your investment. On the other hand, Debt Funds do not charge you any TDS not even at the time of withdrawal; you just need to pay the tax.

These are some of the top reasons why you must consider investing in Debt Mutual Funds more than any other investment option. They are not only safe and secure but also offer various benefits.

Looking for a home in Hyderabad? Here’s how Home Loan helps

Buying a house has several reasons behind it. These are all related to lifestyle. While some prefer lavish – high-cost lifestyle there are others who are living on the edge. Keeping this aside one can say that housing in Hyderabad is still much affordable as compared to metropolitan cities of India. Hyderabad continues to be the most affordable real estate market and thus owning a home in Hyderabad is not that hard.

When we talk about affordability, we have to talk about the standard of living. Thus although the real estate is not as expensive as other cities one cannot go about it without applying for Home Loans in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of the most sought after place and due to its economical nature it has been a massive investment market.

The landscape of Hyderabad has changed over the past decade and there are various areas that one can seek accommodation in – Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Madhapur to name a few of the posh areas followed by Yousufguda, Sr Nagar which are moderate areas. Vanastalipuram, Nagole are low-cost areas which have a decent lifestyle. Thus the only drawback in these areas is the traveling distance.

Be it any area, Hyderabad is a place to settle down. And if you are looking forward to settling in Hyderabad you should consider Home Loans in Hyderabad. There are various banks which are providing the service of Home Loans in Hyderabad including the likes of several banks and very popular loan agencies. There are agencies in almost every area from Banjara Hills to Shilparamam providing these services.

There are various banks and other institutions that are offering Home Loans in Hyderabad with the rate of interest of up to 8.5% – 10%. Hyderabad is a developing city with developing needs, the price of the land is ever increasing and this is the most favorable period of investing in Hyderabad. Owing to the growing nature of Hyderabad’s infrastructure, investment in properties with help of a bank loan could prove to be a great decision.

You can also apply online for a Home Loan in Hyderabad. Obtaining Home Loans in Hyderabad is not a difficult task, all you have to make sure is that your financial standing is good enough and the monthly installment payment should not be more than half your salary. If you fulfill these criteria you will be eligible for the loan. The bank though will take into consideration several aspects such as credit score, minimum salary, past transaction etc.

There are various required documents for Home Loan which are essential and are necessary for securing a Home Loan in Hyderabad. These documents include Completed loan application, 3 Passport size photographs, Proof of Identity (Passport or Driving license), Residence Proof, Statement of Bank account, Tax receipts, proof of business address along with personal assets and liabilities statement. These are the documents required for a Home Loan in Hyderabad.  As far as the minimum salary is concerned with regards to loan, one has to make sure that the monthly income should be more than twice the amount of installment to be paid.

Thus we can conclude that owning a home in Hyderabad is similar to that of owning a home in other cities but it’s less complex and cost-effective. Thus financial support from the bank can help the borrower to make the right investment today which will help to shape up your tomorrow.

Keeping track of your business credit score and credit report

Bad credit can have adverse effects on a firm. It can make it difficult to obtain financing, block the leasing of premises and equipment, and be a long-lasting black mark on your record that prevents you from striking future deals.

It, therefore, pays to know the essentials of your business’ credit report and related score, and the behaviors that can make the score rise or plummet.

Credit score and credit report

A business credit score is similar to a personal score, or FICO score but, rather than measuring an individual’s credit history, it shows a business’ creditworthiness. The score, which ranges from 0 to 100, is calculated by credit bureaus, each having their own method of collecting and verifying information to determine an enterprise’s creditworthiness. The three major bureaus are Experian, Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet.

A credit report, on the other hand, is a summary of how much your business has borrowed and repaid in the past, new and closed accounts, pending and late bills, and other financial records. While personal credit reports are issued for free from consumer credit bureaus, you’ll have to pay for your company’s credit report and score. Regardless, it’s essential to check these reports regularly, and more so when you’re planning to apply for a small business loan.

Only an individual and select parties can view a personal credit report. However, a business report is public information, which means anyone, including lending institutions, debtors and suppliers can see your score, as long as they pay for it.

Protecting your score

The best way to maintain a healthy business score is to make timely payments. These include loans and credit card debt, bills, supplier receivables and any other form of credit your business may have.

Also, keep track of your report and stay on top of changes as they occur. The three reporting bureaus advice that a business checks its credit report at least quarterly. A damaging report from a supplier, for instance, can affect credit score significantly in just a few months.

Because there’s no standard algorithm to determine business credit scores, errors do occur. It’s your responsibility to ensure the data presented in your report is accurate. Report inaccuracies to the relevant bureau promptly, provide any supporting documentation and follow through to make sure the records are corrected.

A poor credit score will hinder you from acquiring funds from lending institutions, which means it’s likely that your score will stay low for a long time. Fortunately, third party lenders like First American Merchant exist and can give you a merchant loan even with a low credit score. And, when you pay the loan on time, you’ll be on your way to building a higher score.

Final words

Good business credit pays off in several ways. In good times, you can get more capital and grow your business, and in bad times, you can easily borrow money and keep your enterprise afloat. It’s therefore essential that you aspire to keep your score healthy, at all times.

More Precious Than Gold?

Indigo Precious Metals works from offices in the UK, Singapore, and Malaysia, where we deal with the trade, delivery, and supply of a wide array of precious metals. We also act as a reliable source of investment news and live pricing for investors and banks. If you want to know more about what we do, then visit our website at Today we talk about two of the most precious metals around. No, not gold and silver. Platinum and palladium. You’ve likely heard of the former, but less likely the latter. Both are steadily gaining exposure in precious metal markets as application possibilities increase. But why are they so much rarer than other precious metals? And what can we expect from platinum and palladium in the future?

Rarer than Gold and Silver

When we think about precious metals, gold is likely the one that springs to mind. Similarly, silver is a popular choice for investors as it is far cheaper to gain exposure to, representing a more secure long-term investment than gold. But, in a little-known fact, there are several metals far rarer than both gold and silver. Platinum and palladium are two of the rarest of the precious metals. Platinum, for instance, while it has gained considerable exposure over the last few decades due to its various technological applications. Platinum is so rare, in fact, that so little exists, you could fit all that anyone has ever mined in an average-sized kitchen. Palladium, on the other hand, is even rarer, with extremely tight mining margins.

Is Platinum a Worthwhile Investment?

Most of the world’s platinum quota comes from South Africa, where increasingly volatile mining issues have been affecting spot prices. Platinum miners in South Africa have even undertaken violent protests disputing wages, with many fatalities arising from struggles happening there. Furthermore, platinum mining margins, while they have remained tight, have caused lost Anglo American Platinum multiple mine shafts in recent years. Some have also been sold off, with thousands of jobs lost. With decreasing opportunities for platinum mining, prices are bound to increase, as the market traces becomes scarce. Gold, for instance, is hardly ever at risk in this way, the market often saturated with supplies of the world’s most popular metal. As it stands, there are likely sounder options for investment than platinum at the moment. Times like these drive prices up dramatically, making for substantial investment returns. However, platinum, while rarer, is currently less expensive than gold. We see this as a response to political uncertainty around the world, particularly the US and UK.

Investing in Palladium

Palladium, unlike platinum, has been gaining popularity for decades now. It has been slowly replacing platinum in many of its key functions for several years now. Palladium, though rarer than platinum, gold, and silver, is an extremely low-cost material used primarily for catalytic converters. This is a function previously fulfilled by its cousin platinum, but palladium is often the cheaper alternative. It is highly likely that palladium may become the primary material for catalytic converters used by automobile manufacturers in the future. It doesn’t seem as though palladium is going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, alternative investments may be a better business decision.

More about personal loans

There are different types of loans for different purposes. Each company has its own criteria for giving a loan. It is hard to repay the entire money in one go. So, the mediocre can enjoy the pleasure of life by taking a loan but he will also remain under the weight of debts. There are many helpful loans that can help an individual person. This type of loan can be named as personal loan. There is no need to loan money for the development such a house and property etc.

There are specialized loan companies, banks and some licensed and unlicensed money lenders are also the personal loan providers. Mostly people turn to the banks and loan companies and enjoy the benefits given by them. If a person wants a loan then the real problem is, which loan company to turn to for help. To solve this perplexing situation a person needs to do a research. There are copious banks and loan companies offering different types of loan with different concessions. You can choose that company which meet your needs fully.

It is a fact that most people go for personal loans. Most of the loan companies and organizations allow for personal loans. Some companies in Singapore make sure that their deals should provide after-sale support and customer service. If the borrower is unable to pay back the money then still some lenders assures to facilitate their clients by helping them in rearranging their money. But this is mostly done with a person who has an appropriate bank balance. In Singapore, it seems simple when using Myloan to find the most suitable lender which gives personal loan to the borrower. Just you have to visit Singapore loan company myloan and can facilitate with different kinds of loans according to your needs. The association provides a path for the secured communication between trustworthy lenders and the customers.

Myloan is suitable to get personal loans, this truly gives an opportunity to the borrowers to enhance their lives of masses. Some private lenders also attracts borrowers with their new policies to grab people’s attraction. Here a person should be careful because some private lenders does no documentation and encourages verbal documentation. This may be hazardous for people as the statements can change and the client may suffer from unfair interest rates and other policies. Personal loan is a chance to enlighten your life. So, be careful to go to licensed and experienced companies or lenders who do proper documentation.

How Pushback Racking Works

Push back Racking systems are designed for efficient Last-in, first-out inventory management. The storage system is built to store pallets on wheeled carts that rest on rails. It utilizes the warehouse cube to minimize the required aisle space while maximizing the product storage space at the same time. The highly engineered nesting manner of push back racks ensures efficient storage by enhancing ease of access. It offers an incredibly versatile storage since the different storage lanes flow independently and vertical storage also operates separately from the lanes below. The system allows effortless storing and retrieving of products from any lane without disturbing other products nested above or below. Here, read on and learn all about how the system works.

Push back Product Flow

Pushback rack systems work by placing pallet loads on nesting carts that are fed forward through rigid structural steel rails. The rails are slightly tilted at the load/unloading end of the rack because the system utilizes gravitational force. The inclined rails are adjustable vertically that helps in controlling the pitch. When the pallet is loaded from the front, the one behind is pushed back one position.

The system works on a front-only loading that too from a single side and the products can be stored 2-5 pallets deep. The system is designed to enable forklift operators to load pallets on the cart and also push them back while the next pallet is loaded.

The cart’s holding capacity for products is variable and can be designed to hold up to 2,500 lbs. Plus, the push back system is compatible with all types of forklifts, which further enhances the advantages of this storage solutions. But, the biggest advantage of a push back racking system is that it offers selectivity while allowing you to store multiple-pallets.

Safe Loading 

Push back racking system offers safe and convenient loading. In a push back rack system, the very first pallet that is loaded into a lance is sent to the highest available rack cart. It’s important to lift the pallet at least an inch above the footplate, and the pallet level during the loading and unloading of goods should also be maintained. Once the pallet is set, it must be centered onto the cart and not resting on the push plate.

Safe Unloading 

Just like effortless loading feature of push back racking system, the product unloading can also be done quickly and safely. Here, the operator must keep in mind that the forklift is the only brake while unloading a pallet from the rack. When a front pallet is removed from the lane, all the subsequent pallets in the lane also slide forward. Hence, the forklift is the only thing that stops the remaining pallets from sliding down and collapsing. The operator must ensure that the forklift doesn’t pull away too quickly in order to prevent the pallets behind to slide forward speedily.


Push back Pallet racks are low maintenance storage solutions, which is another great advantage of installing them at your warehouse. But in order to ensure the safety of warehouse personnel and prevent any unwanted damage to the inventory, a monthly safety check is always recommended. This will make sure that there are no damaged frames or carts or any loose anchors.

Push back racks is an easier system to operate and maintain as compared to any standard racking system. Plus, they offer high-density storage with different pallet options. The system offers a great alternative to double-deep racking or drive-in solutions and is a favored option for several storage operations.