How to safely buy and sell things on classifieds

The places of the greatest concentration of people such as markets, fairs and festive events have attracted swindlers of all kinds since prehistoric times. The virtual world in this matter is very similar: there are as many scammers in it if not more. Therefore, we decided to make a guide on how to effectively buy and sell things on local classifieds.

In general, the process is simpler for buyers, because there are only a few ways to deceive a buyer and most of those are fairly primitive. They are almost identical to the ones occurring at a regular store or at the market.

• Do not settle for an advance payment if you do not trust the seller for one hundred percent. A private seller on the Internet is not a large online store that values its reputation.
• Be sure to check the goods upon receiving them and discuss beforehand if it is possible to return them.
As you can see, everything is quite simple. Being a seller on the other hand is surprisingly much more difficult and dangerous.
How to properly sell goods on the Internet
To begin with, many classified display the seller’s phone number to pretty much anyone. Ads on these sites are viewed by real buyers and con men alike.

By exposing your main phone number, you run the risk of encountering obsessive advertising agents, and even become a victim of fraud. Therefore, before selling unnecessary things, you should purchase a separate SIM card and use it to communicate with customers.

How to use a credit card correctly
Giving your credit card number to a stranger so that they pay for your goods is not very safe. Con men are able to collect your information little by little: first the card number on the classifieds, then they might find out the answers to secret questions like the mother’s maiden name on social networks and the validity of your credit card during a telephone conversation. Having received all these data, they can buy goods on some online stores, even without having the actual credit card on them.
Therefore, If possible, it is worthwhile to create a separate credit card for all the risky transactions, such as buying and selling goods on the Internet. However, keeping money on such a credit card is dangerous and it’s better to withdraw it and put it into a more reliable account, which only you will know about.

It is also a good idea to install a small Internet limit for withdrawing money from this card. When you need it, you can increase the limit at any time. For instance, when looking for dogs for adoption, you can temporarily increase your credit card limit. Until then, this limit will not allow criminals to steal all the money, even if they do get into your account.

And the last tip. If you have encountered some fraud, be sure to notify the site administration. Having done this, you will not only prevent yourself from fraud but you will also help other innocent people.